Starting March 23, 2020, all groups are held online via Zoom until further notice by the State. For current clients, payments must be made online before your scheduled group. 

To make a payment click on the link at the top. 

 For more details, New clients can call 


Current Dallas client's call 682-716-3951 or email ([email protected])

Current Houston client's call 

832-946-2556 or email([email protected]

Scroll down for more details. 


Dear Arise Counseling Center Clients,

Due to the COVID-19/coronavirus starting March 23, 2020, we will begin conducting a group via Zoom. This includes keeping up with accurate and up-to-date information. We strongly recommend checking Arise Counseling Center website regularly to stay in contact with any changes that may take place. Below is extensive internet and media information regarding online classes. We want to make sure that each client has all the tools needed, so that we may have a successful group each week. To help maintain confidentiality and keep good group Etiquette, we have created a toolkit that is hopefully helpful. 

It includes the following information for our Virtual sessions:

Choosing to use online sessions should require:

* Good internet connection. If you do not have good internet connection you do not qualify for online groups. You must have a smart phone, tablet or computer you do not qualify for online groups.

* The participants must have a good working computer or smartphone to display their faces during the entire group session.

* All participants must commit to participating in a private quiet space so that others could not observe and hear participants, breaking confidentiality.

* Participants must be in an upright sitting position in a chair not walking around, not in a store, not driving, not laying in a bed, watching television, not in a workplace. Please avoid all distractions while in a group.

* Smoking, and drinking alcoholic beverages such as vipers, etc is not allowed.

* All participants are still required to sign in the group on time and attend the entire group to receive credit.

*All payments must be made by Friday 8:00 pm to get Saturdays Group code.

*Please do not share your group codes with other members of the group, and please do not use old group codes.

Please do not text back on Group texts sent by the counselors.

*100 percent participation is a must. We are still required to send monthly reports on each client's progress. ‘

If you break any zoom group rules, you will immediately be removed from the group and counted absent.